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If you are looking to collect or invest in vintage guitars, we offer some of Australia’s finest collectible instruments.

Our company sells vintage guitars, basses and amps to customers globally.

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Selling Your Vintage Guitar?

5 Percent Commission on Vintage Guitar Consignments

For owners looking to sell their vintage guitars, we have Australia’s easiest and most cost-effective process.

Following payment of a small upfront fee for photography and uploading, once a customer purchases your vintage guitar or amp, you receive 95% of the actual sale price.

  • We manage all shipping, customs and fees upon sale;
  • You keep the piece in your possession until sale;
  • No strangers coming to your home;
  • A low 5% consignment rate on vintage collections;
  • We have active clients in the market looking to buy.

Latest Arrivals

1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Elite Quilt Top
2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard Custom Shop 60th Anniversary Model

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1964 Fender Vibroverb Vintage Amplifier

  • 1958 Fender Stratocaster
  • 1963 Gibson ES-335 Cherry
  • 1964 Fender Bassman Blonde
  • 1964 Fender Twin Reverb Blackface
  • 1966 Fender Stratocaster 3T Sunburst
  • 1967 Fender Telecaster Olympic White
  • 1974 Ovation 12 String
  • 2002 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Historic 1958 Reissue
  • 2004 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 1954 Mark Kendrick
  • 2010 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Custom Shop
  • 2010 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut Black Dual P-90s
  • 2010 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Olympic White Tortoiseshell

Gibson SG (5)

1969 Gibson SG Standard Vintage Guitar
Vintage Gibson SG Electric Guitar

Epiphone (5)

1968 Epiphone Riviera 360 TDC
Vintage Epiphone Casino Guitar

Gretsch (4)

1957 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins
Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Martin (0)

2002 Martin HD-28 Acoustic

  • 2002 Martin HD-28 Acoustic – SOLD

2018 Santa Cruz Style 1
Santa Cruz Acoustic Guitar

Vintage Guitar Case Studies

1954 Fender Stratocaster

1954 Fender Stratocaster Perth Western Australia
The 1954 Fender Stratocaster is a hand-crafted masterpiece from the first year of production from Leo Fender.

Offered for sale only nine years following the end of World War II, these guitars are, to this day, one of the few invented commercial items in modern industrial history which maintain a level of quality above nearly all of the subsequently produced models.

This is a common theme amongst all Fender guitars and amplifiers dating from 1954-1965, the pre-CBS era of Leo Fenders’ company.

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1963 Fender Stratocaster

1963 Fender Stratocaster
A decade after the introduction of what was arguably one of Leo Fender’s greatest inventions, the 1963 Fender Stratocaster had evolved significantly from the maple board equivalents of the 1950’s.

Depending on your viewpoint of the L-series range, they were more refined after a few key evolutionary developments over the preceding decade. Mid way through 1962, Fender changed the design of the board from a slab with a straight bottom connected to the neck to a veneer which was curved over the neck at a 7.25″ radius.

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1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom Polaris White
This 1963 Gibson Les Paul Custom was the 13th guitar made by Gibson in 1963. As such it shares a lot of 1962 components including the sideways vibrola which is in good working condition.

This particular piece also features three high output ‘PAF’ (Patent Applied For) pickups which are noticeable for their distinctive tone, a three screw scratch plate, a feature of 1961 and 1962 Customs.

Hence it is most likely this piece was made in 1962 and remained in the factory before a serial was placed on it in the first production line of January 1963.

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1965 Fender Jazz Bass

1965 Fender Jazz Bass
This 1965 Fender Jazz Bass was our first L-Series Jazz Bass purchased as a collectible vintage Fender bass.

The finish, fretboard, metal parts were all in stunning condition, and the bass itself sounds fantastic when played through your favourite bass amp.

This very popular bass wrote its way into popular music for a good reason.

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