Do you consign vintage guitars on your site?

Yes. We have the simplest consignment model in Australia for vintage collectors. An upfront fee of $300 is charged to put a guitar on the website and sell it. That covers all aspects of the upfront work required to get the guitar onto our website.

A trailing commission of 5% is applied after sale. We may need to inspect the guitar to validate that it is 100% genuine and to photograph it. After photography, the guitar is returned to the customer to store and maintain until sold. We have validation, inspection and valuation service providers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Will my vintage guitar purchase go up in value?

Impossible to predict. One opinion expressed to us from collectors is that “as the collectible vintage pieces become more difficult to source, one might expect price increases on certain pieces, especially those with low production numbers”.

Can I come and look at the collection?

Generally, no, sometimes, yes. Due to the nature of the vintage collection, it is kept in secure storage. Given our online business model for viewing, selection and shipping, we act as the hands, eyes and ears for our customers to fully describe the instrument prior to purchase. We can organise a detailed inspection during the purchase process to demonstrate the originality of the piece as described.

Where are your vintage guitars located?

The primary collection is located in Perth. We have consigned collections together with valuation, inspection and storage capacity now in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Toowoomba.

Do you offer returns and refunds?

Yes. Customers have 48 hours after delivery to return instruments and amplifiers in their original packaging back to us for a refund if there is an issue discovered not described with the instrument.

Have customers ever returned a vintage piece?

Not one. After selling over 125 vintage pieces, no customer has ever asked to return a piece.

Do you buy back vintage instruments?

Yes. On occasion, we offer customers a buyback guarantee after 12 months depending on the piece.

Has a customer ever enacted the buyback guarantee?

When I ring customers after 12 months to see if they want to sell their vintage piece back under the buyback guarantee. They have consistently said “No thanks, love the piece!”.

Can you import a piece for me from the USA?

Yes. Vintage Electric can import pieces from the USA cheaper and faster than individuals due to our company gaining Australian Trusted Trader status. Monies are paid upfront and delivered to the collector, and we manage all paperwork.

Has anyone ever purchased a vintage guitar after telling you they need to get approval from their significant other?


Where did you buy the guitars?

The majority of the guitars were imported from private vintage collectors in the US, Japan and Europe.

Can I pay a guitar off over time?

Yes. Layby of instruments involves a minimum 50% deposit with up to 90 days following to pay the remainder. After 90 days, if the instrument is not purchased outright as per the layby agreement, an initial $300 holding fee is retained and the remainder of all monies received is returned to the purchaser.

Do you charge GST?

Sales within Australia of our own stock include GST. Exports of instruments outside of Australia are exclusive of GST. Consigned guitars are exclusive of GST.

If I consign a guitar through your business, do I need to tell my accountant about the sale?

Yes. Consigned pieces do not figure in our annual accounts, hence the ATO would expect to find the necessary mercantile information concerning the sale amount (including profits made) in the annual tax records of the client who is consigning the guitar.