Vintage Guitar File – 1965 Fender Jazz Bass

Mint Condition Sunburst Finish

A Spotless Museum Piece

This US made 1965 L-Series Fender Jazz bass is one of the nicest instruments we have had come through our store. It has clearly been in storage for a majority of the last half century.

One of the true vintage gems of the collection.

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Vintage 1965 Fender Jazz Bass

This vintage bass was one of the cleanest basses we have purchased in the collection.

1965 Fender Jazz Bass

Figure 1 – 1965 Fender Jazz Vintage Bass Guitar


During 1965 as Fender transitioned to CBS Musical Instruments after the sale from Leo Fender of his namesake, several pieces were undergoing a metamorphosis.

The 1965 Jazz Bass was a popular piece for the contemporary bass player, and the quality of this instrument illustrates why.

1965 Fender Jazz Bass

Figure 2 – 1965 Fender Jazz Bass


1965 Fender Jazz Bass Close Up Photo

Figure 3 – 1965 Fender Jazz Bass Close Up


Nitro Finish

The nitrocellulose finish over the immaculate 3 tone sunburst finish has held up remarkably well. This reveals a vibrant colour spectrum as evidenced in the photography. With some of the polyurethane in the 1970’s, the finish held up a lot better than nitrocellulose.

For this bass, the finish enjoys the best of both worlds. Excellent colour and a clean nitrocellulose finish combine to make this a distinctly clean vintage instrument of its era.

1965 Fender Jazz Bass Back

Figure 4 – 1965 Vintage Fender Jazz – Rear of Bass


Apart from slight worming on the rear of the instrument, the finish is near spotless. The tortoiseshell guard is clean and crack free.

As pictured below, the maple neck comes with an Indian Rosewood board. The small vintage frets are in perfect condition and have barely been played. They retain a slight gold tarnish, further evidence that the bass has been kept in perfect storage conditions for the majority of the last half century.

Figure 5 – 1965 Vintage Fender Jazz – Fingerboard


The electronics on the bass are untouched, and the sound and playability of the instrument can only be described as unique.

Given the small frets on the board, there is a distinct difference in playing style with this particular bass. The pickups are very responsive and although they are not as loud as their modern day equivalents, do produce a more subtle vintage tone that satisfies even the fussiest bass aficionados.


  • Indian Rosewood Board
  • Transition Logo
  • Clover Shaped Tuners
  • Tortoise Guard
  • No Logo Black Hard Case

1965 Fender Jazz Bass Body

Figure 5 – 1965 Vintage Fender Jazz – Body

Finally, the clover style tuners are all original and in great shape and have never left the instrument. These L-Series tuners spin in the opposite direction to what you are used to.

The bass comes with it’s original hard Fender no-logo case.

Figure 6 – 1965 Vintage Fender Jazz – Knobs

Based on the stunning condition of this instrument, it forms a cornerstone item in any vintage Fender bass collection.

Lightweight, no-logo case. It’s all there. The bass has now been delivered to a happy customer in the US.

1965 Fender Jazz Bass

Figure 7 – 1965 Vintage Fender Jazz – Headstock