1962 Fender Jazz

Olympic White


This 1962 Fender Jazz Bass stands as a unique piece of musical history, showcasing a refinished Olympic White body and matching headstock that exude a timeless appeal. The refinished finish, while not original, highlights the instrument's classic contours.

This Jazz Bass retains its iconic vintage features, including original pickups and electronics, a tortoise shell pickguard, a veneer Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with clay dots, the transitional "spaghetti" logo, and clover tuners.

These elements contribute to the instrument's distinctive aesthetic and tonal character, while modern upgrades such as a truss rod nut ensure optimal functionality.

Expertly Refinished

While the body and neck finish have been meticulously refinished, the essence of this Jazz Bass's vintage charm remains. The instrument's character shines through in its well-worn hardware and the resonance of its tone, a testament to its rich history and countless hours of play. The decal appears to be newer.

A Complete Package with Original Case

This 1962 Fender Jazz Bass comes complete with its original hard case. The case not only protects the instrument but also adds a touch of historical authenticity, making this bass a truly remarkable find for any enthusiast.

This vintage Fender Jazz bass is in Brisbane, Queensland.

Pickups:Original Electronics
Neck:One Piece Maple
Fretboard:Brazilian Rosewood
Markers:Clay Dots
Modifications & Repairs:Neck Refinished, Truss Rod Nut Newer.

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