1951 Fender Deluxe USA 5A3

1951 Fender Deluxe 5A3

AUD $6,495

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1951 Fender Tweed Deluxe 5A3 Vintage Amplifier.

Sought after by collectors of vintage Fender amps, this piece was made during the birth of the company and the introduction of the 1951 Fender Telecaster later that year set them on a path that was to define music itself for the next 70 years and beyond.

TV Front, 12” Jensen P12R Alnico Speaker, Original Transformers.

Updated Electrolytics and 3-prong lead. 110V model recently serviced.

1954 Fender Champ Tweed Amplifier USA

1954 Fender Champ 5C1

AUD $3,495

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1954 Fender Tweed 5C1 Champ. These may be small in size, but collectors and recording artists cannot get enough of these fantastic sounding tweed amps.

Perfect for apartment living, an excellent, all original tweed amplifier that sounds phenomenal.

Highly sought after collectible amp. Requires a 115V stepdown transformer.

1954 Fender Deluxe 5D4 Tweed

1954 Fender Deluxe 5D4

AUD $7,495

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EXC 1954 Fender Tweed Deluxe 5D4.

Original Transformers, Speaker, Circuit, Tweed and Grill Cloth.

Chrome Panel with Fuse, On Off Switch, Red Jewel, Tone, Volume Instrument, Volume Microphone. Two instrument Inputs, One Microphone Input.

1957 Fender Champ Tweed

1957 Fender Champ 5F1

AUD $4,995

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Fantastic sounding 1957 Fender Tweed Champ 5F1 amp.

The circuit is in all original condition except for the removal of the “death” capacitor and a USA 3 prong earthed power cord has been fitted.

The original 6 inch speaker has been replaced with a Weber Signature 8 inch alnico speaker.

1958 Fender Deluxe 5E3 Tweed Amplifier

1958 Fender Deluxe 5E3

AUD $18.995

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This vintage 1958 Fender Tweed Deluxe 5E3 amplifier is a rare find for collectors and musicians alike. Featuring original transformers, circuit, tweed covering, and speaker, this amp delivers the classic warm, overdriven tones that defined a generation of music.

This 110V model has been carefully maintained and upgraded for modern use, with a three-prong lead and added earth for safety. The filter capacitors have been upgraded for improved performance, and the amp comes complete with a cover, spare power and rectifier valves, pilot lamp, and fuses.

1958 Fender Tremolux 5G9 Tweed

1958 Fender Tremolux 5G9

AUD $16,995

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This 1958 Fender Tremolux 5G9 amplifier, cloaked in its original, beautifully aged tweed covering, is a testament to Fender's golden era of craftsmanship. This exceptional amplifier features original transformers and a reconed 12" P12R speaker, ensuring that classic Fender sound that has inspired countless musicians.

With two channels, dual inputs, and controls for volume, tone, speed, and intensity, this Tremolux offers unparalleled versatility. It has been meticulously maintained, with updated electrolytic capacitors for optimal performance and an earthed three-prong cord for safety.

1959 Fender Harvard 5F10 Tweed

1959 Fender Harvard 5F10


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Draped in the iconic tweed fabric, the 1959 Fender Tweed Harvard amplifier whispers stories of smoky blues clubs and sun-drenched California studios. A favored companion of the legendary Keith Richards, this fixed-bias model retains its original Victoria Luggage Co. cover, a tangible link to the amplifier's vibrant past.

With a gentle touch, its circuitry has been lovingly revitalized: upgraded electrolytic capacitors ensure optimal performance, while the removal of the "death cap" and the addition of an earthed three-prong US power cord prioritize safety.

1959 Fender Vibrolux 5F11

1959 Fender Vibrolux 5F11

AUD $13,995

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Encased in its iconic tweed covering, this 1959 Fender Tweed Vibrolux 5F11 amplifier stands as a testament to Fender's golden era of craftsmanship. The original speaker and transformers ensure that classic Fender sound, celebrated for its warmth, clarity, and touch-sensitive response. The distinctive tremolo effect adds another dimension of depth and character to your playing, making this Vibrolux a versatile tool for a wide range of musical styles.

1960 Fender Champ 5F1

1960 Fender Champ 5F1 (1 of 2)

AUD $6,495

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1960 Fender Tweed Champ 5F1 in all original condition.

Bone stock Fender Tweed Champs are rare in todays market. Comes with a cover, spare set of valves, pilot lamp and fuses.

US 110V plug.

1960 Fender Princeton 5F2-A

1960 Fender Princeton 5F2-A

AUD $8,995

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1960 Princeton Narrow Panel Fender Tweed Amplifier in excellent condition.

This 110V version has the majority of capacitors updated. A great looking piece of Fender musical history with that magic tone.

The original power transformer has been rewound in Sydney to original specification.

An absolute pleasure on the ears.

1963 Fender Vibroverb Brownface

1963 Fender Vibroverb


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This exceptional 1963 Fender Brownface Vibroverb represents a pinnacle of vintage amplifier desirability, often hailed as the most collectible model in the current market. Its pristine condition, boasting clean brown tolex and a wealth of original components, makes it a true gem for discerning collectors and discerning musicians alike.

This US-powered (115V) Vibroverb is equipped with two 10-inch speakers that deliver the legendary Fender tone sought after by countless guitarists. Notably, it stands as one of the first Fender amp models to feature a groundbreaking twin-channel design with built-in reverb, a testament to the brand's continuous innovation during this golden era.

1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Blackface

1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Blackface

AUD $11,495

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EXC 1965 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb.

Original transformers and 12" Oxford speaker. This vintage amp is the 115V model which will require a step-down transformer to operate in Australia.

The electrolytic capacitors have been updated and an earthed three prong lead fitted. Newer footswitch.

1967 Fender Princeton Reverb

1967 Fender Princeton Reverb

AUD $8,995

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1967 Fender Blackface Princeton Reverb in EXC+ condition.

With 12 watts through a 10 inch Jensen speaker, this vintage Fender amplifier is perfect for small venues and home use.

Electrolytic capacitors updated and an earthed three prong power cord installed. Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity controls.

The foot switch is a modern replacement.

1967 Fender Pro Reverb Vintage Amp

1967 Fender Pro Reverb

AUD $5,995

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1967 Fender Pro-Reverb Blackface with a 2 x 12" 40 watt combo in excellent condition.

All original except for a capacitor upgrade.

US version that will require a 115V stepdown transformer to operate on 240V.

Chris Buck - Friday Fretworks

1967 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Mint

1967 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Mint

AUD $12,995

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Immaculate 1967 Fender Vibrolux Reverb.

Two Channels, Reverb and Tremolo, Original transformers and Speaker. Electrolytic capacitors upgraded and earthed three prong lead fitted.

Original Victoria Luggage vinyl cover. Original foot switch. Original Warranty Card included.

1968 Fender Twin Reverb Silverface

1968 Fender Twin Reverb

AUD $2,895

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1968 Fender Twin Reverb Vintage Amplifier.

Silverface drip-edge 2*12 combo. Two original Altec Lansing speakers, one reconed. Original transformers.

Upgraded capacitors during last service. All original replaced parts are stored in a separate plastic bag.

1971 Marshall 50W JMP Gold

1971 Marshall JMP50

AUD $6,995

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Vintage Marshall JMP50W Head including a 1968 Re-issue Marshall cabinet with 4 Celestion Greenback speakers. Cabinet was hand-wired in the UK. The speakers are amazingly crisp.

There is an extra hole in the front panel where someone has added a Master Volume at some stage. Replaced power transformer.

This setup is a mongrel, incredibly loud with an amazing sound.

1973 Marshall 100W Super Lead

1973 Marshall 100W Super Lead


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1973 Marshall 100W Super Lead US model including a great condition 1973 White Tolex Cabinet with 4*12 Celestion Greenback speakers.

Gold brushed Aluminium front panel. Original transformers, circuitry and electronics. Only changes are the screen resistors and tubes. Designed for 6650's, currently has GT EL34's installed.

Green printed circuit board, Polarity Switch, US 110V power cord.

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