1954 Fender Champ Tweed Amplifier USA

1954 Fender Champ

AUD $3,595

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1954 Fender 5C1 Champ.

Excellent all original condition. Sounds phenomenal.

Highly sought after collectible amp. Requires a 115V stepdown transformer.

1955 Ampeg R-12 USA

1955 Ampeg R-12

AUD $1,995

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Fantastic sounding 1950's Ampeg Rocket amplifier. The tolex covering show signs of wear in the corner were the wood has been exposed and slightly chipped. Apart from that, the amp is in pretty good condition.

Limited modifications including handle and clamps that have been replaced, new electrolytic capacitors, and newer back plate screws.

110V model which requires a step down power transformer.

This piece is part of the Andrew Bailey collection in Melbourne.

1959 Fender Bassman USA Vintage Amplifier

1959 Fender Bassman

AUD $13,495

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Golden-era Fender Bassman with Jensen P10R speakers dated 1959.

Low noise, wonderful sounding amplifier.

The grill cloth is in excellent condition, along with the original tweed covering, which has worn down to the timber on each of the corners. All original barring 4 Jupiter caps and a newer leather handle, removable Australian step-down in bottom of cabinet allows original transformers to be reconnected and plugged straight into US power.

This amp is dated "IA" produced Jan 59 and therefore most likely assembled late in 1958.

Low noise, wonderful sounding amplifier.

This piece is part of the Andrew Bailey collection in Melbourne.

1962 Fender Super

1962 Fender Super Amp

AUD $4,995

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Excellent condition Brownface Super with all original internal electronics and caps.

Tube chart "LA" indicates this amplifier was built in January 1962. Speakers have been changed to 2*10 Weber's, which work incredibly well for this amp.

The grill cloth has a minor tear and there is a slight stain on top of the tolex.

This piece is part of the Andrew Bailey collection in Melbourne.

1962 Gibson GA-5 Skylark Amp

AUD $895

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Exceptional sounding Gibson GA-5 Skylark.

Replaced power transformer, new electronics, missing logo, replaced handle. The brown smooth tolex is in great condition, and the chassis is as clean as they come given the age.

This amp has a warm tone that breaks up around 7 on the dial. This model was used extensively by Lenny Kravitz throughout the 90’s and was also responsible for the tone in “Are you Gonna Go My Way”.

This piece is part of the Andrew Bailey collection in Melbourne.

1963 Fender Princeton Amp

1963 Fender 6G2 Princeton Amp

AUD $3,495

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Great sounding 1963 Fender Princeton 6G2 in perfect working order with original brown tolex.

Minor scuffs on front grill, but otherwise in good cosmetic condition.

Power transformer is newer with Australian plug. Replaced speaker. Original speaker included which needs to be reconed.

1963 Fender Reverb Unit

1963 Fender Reverb Unit

AUD $3,495

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1963 Fender Reverb Unit.

Apart from new Tolex, the unit is in remarkable condition.

This provides collectors with 1962 and 1963 Brownface Fender with the perfect accompaniment for their vintage amp.

This piece is part of the Andrew Bailey collection in Melbourne.

1963 Gibson GA-5 Skylark

1963 Gibson GA-5 Skylark Amp

AUD $1,095

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All original condition 1963 GA-5 Skylark, which includes all electronics; two prong power cord, handle, tubes and speakers.

Grill cloth in unmarked condition with only two holes in the top right hand corner were the Gibson Logo once appeared.

The chassis shows signs of wear and slight surface rust. The tolex covering is in very good condition with slight chips to the bottom corners.

10-watt amp that runs quietly and breaks up around 6 for that great overdrive sound. 110V model.

This piece is part of the Andrew Bailey collection in Melbourne.

1964 Fender Champ

1964 Fender 5F1 Champ Amp


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Exceptionally clean 1964 Fender Champ from the transition period between Tweed amps and the Blackface series. A Tweed shaped amp with black tolex, this little guy delivers amazing tone but without the volume.

Original transformer, power lead has been changed to a longer lead with a three prong US plug. Original speaker is a EV29 8” made by CTS in the 14th week of 1964. Couple of caps have been updated as they dried out with modern small replacements. Death cap is gone for example.

A simple equation. One volume knob and amazing Fender tube tone from the desirable 5F1 circuit.

Perfect for recording and practice situations.

1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Blackface USA

1965 Deluxe Reverb


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1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb in Excellent condition.

115V US Model, Original Transformers, Updated Three Prong Lead. Serial: A 07626

Stunningly clean collectible from a unique part of Fender amp history.

1966 Fender Bassman Amplifier

1966 Fender Bassman Amp

AUD $1,995

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The appearance of this old, weathered, and rusted Fender Bassman belies the way this amp performs.

Nearly the entire chassis is covered in oxidation, yet this amp sounds better than a new boutique amplifier.

Features of this classic blackface Bassman include 2 channnels:
(1) Bass Instrument with 2 inputs, Deep Switch, Volume, Treble & Bass control;
(2) normal channel with 2 inputs, Bright Switch, Volume, Bass & Treble controls.

1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi

1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi

AUD $11,995

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Straight lip front, three original transformers, Plexi glass front panel. Tubes are original period Mull EL34's and three Brimar ECC83's.

A Plexi from the golden era of Marshall amplification. It's got a couple of minor changes, but where it matters, it is 100% original. It breaks up and starts to get loud around 6-7 whereas the gold aluminium JMP50's tend to go earlier. This leaves a lot of room between 1-5 for some really nice clean tones.

Two of the knobs are period correct replacements from 1968, but not original to this amp.

A great piece of British amplification history.

1973 Fender Champ

1973 Fender Champ Silverface Amp

AUD $1,295

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Bone stock 1973 Fender Champ from Nationwide Guitars in Colombia, Maryland, USA. Original speaker.

Simple tube amplifier perfect for recording and practice. Comes with original paperwork including circuit diagram etc.

This model is a US 110V model which will require a 110V stepdown transformer for Australia.

Original transformer code: 010020