Vintage Guitars Australia specialise in fine quality Fender and Gibson electric guitars and basses.

Our instruments are sourced globally for both players and collectors alike.

The guitars or basses are NOT under any financial agreement, constraint or obligation with other parties and are owned in full by Hutchens & Associates Pty Ltd or consigned with its associates.

Any questions regarding any of the instruments, feel free to contact us.


Conditions of Sale


If You Are Purchasing

Payment is made by direct deposit to the company Hutchens & Associates Pty Ltd. Shipping is additional to the price of the guitar.

Once agreement to purchase a guitar is reached, an invoice for the amount owing will be issued, and once payment is received, the guitar will be professionally packed and shipped using your preferred carrier and insurance conditions. We will organise shipping insurance in case of theft or damage.

A 2 day acceptance period after the guitar is delivered will be available. We will contact you after the guitar or bass is delivered to make certain that you are completely happy with your purchase.

If the guitar or bass is returned in exactly the same condition as it left, then a trade in for store-credit of the same value of the piece will be made available for another guitar or bass. The purchaser pays the initial and return shipping cost during this process.

Please note that amplifiers are sold “AS IS” and are functional at the time of delivery.

Photography of the internal components of each instrument is made at varying stages and will be provided to the purchaser after the sale has been finalised.


If You Are Consigning

We will ask you to provide the instrument to us during the consignment period to demonstrate it to customers, confirm the originality of the instruments etc. We will not consign non-original instruments. As such, we may ask you to send the guitar or bass to an intermediary vintage guitar expert for validation before the instrument is placed on the site.



Vintage Electric may offer Layby of instruments to customers in certain circumstances. The Layby Agreement involves three main points to note:

  1. A minimum 50% deposit is paid upfront by the customer to Vintage Electric to enter into a layby agreement;
  2. The customer then has 60 days following the intial deposit payment to pay off the remainder of the instrument;
  3. If the purchaser:
    • has not paid off the instrument 100% as per the layby agreement after 60 days, or;
    • chooses to terminate the layby agreement within the 60 day period;

    a default fee of 20% of the total invoiced purchase price of the instrument is retained by Vintage Electric. The remainder of all monies received is then returned to the purchaser within 30 days.

The Layby agreement is entered into at the sole discretion of Vintage Electric and depends on the instrument involved.



Shipping is not included in the price unless negotiated at the point of sale. Typically, shipping and insurance from Perth to the Eastern States is between $120-500 depending on the value of insurance required.

Unless otherwise specified by the client, the company will use Pack’n Send domestically and Fedex for shipping overseas with appropriate customs clearance etc.

All guitars and basses will be insured at the sale price and packed appropriately to ensure the instruments do not suffer any damage in transit.