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1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi Sold

1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi


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Vintage 1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi.

Straight lip front, three original transformers, Plexi glass front panel. Tubes are original period Mullard EL34's and three Brimar ECC83's.

A Plexi from the golden era of Marshall amplification. It's got a couple of minor changes, but where it matters, it is 100% original. It breaks up and starts to get loud around 6-7 whereas the gold aluminium JMP50's tend to go earlier. This leaves a lot of room between 1-5 for some really nice clean tones.

Two of the knobs are period correct replacements from 1968, but not original to this amp.

1971 Marshall 50W JMP Gold

1971 Marshall JMP50

AUD $6,995

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Vintage Marshall JMP50W Head including a 1968 Re-issue Marshall cabinet with 4 Celestion Greenback speakers. Cabinet was hand-wired in the UK. The speakers are amazingly crisp.

There is an extra hole in the front panel where someone has added a Master Volume at some stage. Replaced power transformer.

This setup is a mongrel, incredibly loud with an amazing sound.

1973 Marshall 100W Super Lead

1973 Marshall 100W Super Lead


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1973 Marshall 100W Super Lead US model including a great condition 1973 White Tolex Cabinet with 4*12 Celestion Greenback speakers.

Gold brushed Aluminium front panel. Original transformers, circuitry and electronics. Only changes are the screen resistors and tubes. Designed for 6650's, currently has GT EL34's installed.

Green printed circuit board, Polarity Switch, US 110V power cord.

1988 Marshall JCM 2550 Jubilee 50W Sold

1988 Marshall JCM 2550 Jubilee


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1988 Marshall JCM2550 Jubilee in excellent original condition with matching 1965A cabinet included.

This amp was modelled on the 2203 model of the JCM800 series. Switchable power from triode 25W or pentode 50W, this black tolex amp is essentially a Silver Jubilee model from the year before.

Purchased in 1991, this extremely collectable amp head and cabinet were used live in the early 1990's briefly, after which the majority of their lifespan was in the home studio.

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