1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi

Jimi Hendrix Era

AUD $13,195

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Vintage 1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi.

Straight lip front, three original transformers, Plexi glass front panel. Tubes are original period Mullard EL34's and three Brimar ECC83's.

A Plexi from the golden era of Marshall amplification. It's got a couple of minor changes, but where it matters, it is 100% original. It breaks up and starts to get loud around 6-7 whereas the gold aluminium JMP50's tend to go earlier. This leaves a lot of room between 1-5 for some really nice clean tones.

Two of the knobs are period correct replacements from 1968, but not original to this amp.

This vintage Marshall Amp is in Perth, Western Australia.

1968 Marshall JMP50 Cabinet1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi1968 Marshall JMP50 Plexi Rear