1967 Fender Princeton Reverb

Blackface Reverb

AUD $7,795

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1967 Princeton Reverb in EXC+ condition.

With 12 watts through a 10 inch Jensen speaker, this vintage Fender amplifier is perfect for small venues and home use.

Electrolytic capacitors updated and an earthed three prong power cord installed. Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity controls.

The foot switch is a modern replacement.

Model:Princeton Reverb
Modifications & Repairs:Replaced Footswitch. Updated Capacitors and Three Prong Lead (US).

1967 Fender Princeton Reverb Amplifier1967 Fender Princeton Reverb Top1967 Fender Princeton Reverb Back Top1967 Fender Princeton Reverb Rear