1954 Fender Stratocaster

Maple board


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This 1954 Fender Stratocaster isn't just a guitar, it's a tangible piece of musical history. Crafted in the first year of production, this instrument holds a unique place in the legacy of one of the world's most iconic guitar brands.

The one-piece ash body offers sublime resonance and tone, a signature of early Stratocasters. Classic Bakelite plastic parts and a full-size yet comfortable maple neck with the distinctive skunk stripe complete the period-correct aesthetic.

Original Flair with Playability Enhancements

While this Stratocaster proudly retains much of its original 1954 heritage, it appears to have been restored with select upgrades from another Stratocaster circa 1961. These enhancements include single line Kluson Tuners, Butterfly String Tree, 1961 plastic Pickup Covers, a Five-Way Switch (original 3-Way Switch in the case) and the addition of a 1961 brown Tolex Fender case.

A Rare Opportunity Awaits

This 1954 Stratocaster embodies a fusion of vintage character and functionality. It presents a unique opportunity for discerning collectors and players alike who seek an instrument steeped in history, yet ready to inspire new musical creations. Don't miss the chance to acquire this exceptional piece of Fender history

This vintage Fender Stratocaster guitar is in Perth, Western Australia.

Body:One piece ash
Modifications & Repairs:5 way switch installed. 3 way in case. Back plate has been modified. String Tree, Pickup covers and Kluson Tuners appear to be from 1961.
Case:1961-62 Light Brown Tolex case

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