1953 Fender Pro 5A5

Tweed Classic


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Righty regarded as the 6L6 version of the 5E3 Deluxe, this Fender Tweed 5A5 Pro is in fantastic original condition.

Two channel, 2 x 6L6 valve 18 watts, Jensen 15” speaker. Filter and cathode bypass capacitors replaced. Power supply resistors replaced. Line to ground capacitor removed. All work completed by qualified electrical technician. Grounded power cable fitted.

The upper back panel has some drilled holes where a microphone was probably fitted. Recently serviced.

This vintage Fender Tweed Amp is in Brisbane, Queensland.

Model:Pro 5A5
Cosmetic:Original Tweed
Notes:110V Model which will require a Step-down Transformer in Australia

1953 Fender Pro 5A51953 Fender Pro 5A5 Top1953 Fender Pro 5A5 Back Top1953 Fender Pro 5A5 Back