1952 Fender V-Front Super 5B4

Tweed Amplifier

AUD $8.795

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1952 Fender Super V-Front with simply amazing tone. Owned by G. E. Smith for the vast majority of its life.

Comes with its original transformers. The speakers are two later Jensen Alnico P10R-FEN replacements.

The electrolytic capacitors have been replaced and an earthed power cord has been fitted.

This vintage Fender Tweed amp is in Brisbane, Queensland.

Vintage Amplifiers purchased from this store are fully functioning at the time of sale. They will need to be serviced once they land at their destination. Damage in transit is the responsibility of the purchaser and all amp purchases require insurance before shipping is arranged.

Model:Super 5B4 V-Front
Cosmetic:Original Tweed
Notes:110V Model which will require a Step-down Transformer

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