1935 National Style O

14 Fret Resonator

AUD $12,995

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This vintage 1935 National Style O Resonator guitar presents an unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of musical history while securing a wise financial investment.

Crafted during the golden era of American guitar manufacturing, this exceptional instrument is not only a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship but also a tangible asset that promises to appreciate significantly in value over time.

1935 National Resonator Style O (902kB PDF)
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1935 National Resonator
Style O
(902kB PDF)

A Masterpiece

The gleaming nickel-plated brass body is the hallmark of National Reso-Phonic guitars, renowned for their exceptional projection.

14-Fret Neck Design provides easier access to higher notes, making this Style O a versatile instrument suitable for various musical genres.

The rolled F-holes and "Chicken Foot" style cover plate holes are iconic National features that exude vintage charm.

Timeless Elegance

Round Mahogany Neck with Bound Ebony Fretboard: The neck's comfortable profile and smooth ebony fretboard with mother-of-pearl markers offer a luxurious playing experience.

Vintage National Appointments: The slotted headstock and three-on-a-plate tuners are hallmarks of the brand's heritage, adding to the instrument's collector appeal.

Variation 6 Palm Tree Etching: This unique and highly sought-after etching adorns the body, elevating this Style O to a truly rare and collectible treasure.

Original Case: The inclusion of the original case not only protects this valuable instrument but also adds to its historical significance and desirability.

With its historical significance, and undeniable rarity, this 1935 National Style O Resonator is poised to become both a sound investment and valued piece in any vintage guitar collection.

This vintage National Resonator is in Brisbane, Queensland.

Number:Style O Resonator
Body:Chrome Plated Brass
Neck:One Piece Mahogany
Fretboard:Bound Ebony
Markers:Mother of Pearl Inlays

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