1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Black Beauty USA


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Uncirculated 1975 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty from the original owner.

Ebony fingerboard, mother of pearl inlays, mahogany body with a maple top. Three piece maple neck with original waffle-back tuners.

Twin gold covered humbucker pickups with original electronics.

This guitar was purchased in Western Australia in early 1976 from Prince St Music in Busselton. It suffered a minor headstock crack which appears as a tiny slit running 1cm from and near parallel with the binding of the zero and first fret on the low E side. The repair was carried out by Kevin Nitrovane and is near on perfect.

Original case with green velvet lining

Model:Les Paul Custom Black Beauty
Body:Mahogany with Two Piece Maple Top
Markers:Mother of Pearl Inlays

1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty