1972 Gibson SG Deluxe

Stereo Model


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A rare (1 of 50) SG Deluxe Stereo model from 1972 with factory fitted Gibson bixby unit and tune-o-matic bridge.

This SG model will drive two amplifiers with two switches working as an on-off for each amplifier. Without a pickup selector, each of the embossed Gibson Patent number pickups is controlled by its respective volume knob.

Transitional top mounted control plate with raised style LP pickguard. The neck is straight and ultra thin.

Action is surprisingly slick. Generic hardcase

Generic hardcase

Neck:Three piece mahogany neck. The back of the neck shows player wear between the 3rd & 5th frets. The neck is straight and ultra thin.
Fretboard:Rosewood with block inlays
Cosmetic:Binding has majestically aged with that "yellowing" vintage look. A few minor dings.
Modifications & Repairs:None