1964 Gibson J160-E

Owned by Midnight Oil

AUD $11,995

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Great condition J160-E. This model was made famous by John Lennon and George Harrison of The Beatles and this particular piece was formerly owned by Midnight Oil guitarist, Martin Rotsey.

Spruce Laminate Top, Checked Sunburst Finish, Tortoise Guard, Original Pickup, One piece Mahogany Neck, Individual Single Line Kluson Tuners, Trapezoid Inlays, Ebony Bridge, Bridge pins replaced. 1 & 11/16 inches wide at the nut.

Frets are worn. First fret inlay appears to be replaced. Back is crack free. No visible cracks on heavily checked top. D string tuner is slightly bent but works fine.


Modifications & Repairs:Replaced bridge pins replaced, First fret inlay appears newer.

1964 Gibson J-160E USA Vintage Acoustic1964 Gibson J-160E USA Vintage Acoustic Body1964 Gibson J-160E USA Back of Guitar1964 Gibson J-160E USA Headstock1964 Gibson J-160E USA Back of Headstock