1964 Fender 5F1 Champ

Black Tolex


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Exceptionally clean 1964 Fender Champ from the transition period between Tweed amps and the Blackface series. A Tweed shaped amp with black tolex, this little guy delivers amazing tone but without the volume.

Original transformer, power lead has been changed to a longer lead with a three prong US plug. Original speaker is a EV29 8” made by CTS in the 14th week of 1964. Couple of caps have been updated as they dried out with modern small replacements. Death cap is gone for example.

* NOTE* Amps only ship within Australia and are sold "AS IS". They function fully and the purchaser is responsible for them once they leave they are delivered. Below is a recent photo of the actual amp showing the condition of the grill.

Model:Champ 5F1
Serial:C 22106
Cosmetic:All tolex, chassis, screws, wiring and cloth in remarkable shape
Modifications & Repairs:Lead to three prong and couple of caps updated.