1963 Fender Vibroverb Blackface

November 1963 Blackface


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EXC+ 1963 Fender Vibroverb in rare black tolex.

With a manufacture date of November 1963, this very early blackface Fender Vibroverb is in spectacular condition.

Apart from a new three prong lead and new filter caps, this vintage Fender amplifier is essentially unchanged with original Transformers, Footswitch, 15" The JBL/Lansing 130F speaker and circuit in perfect working condition.

This vintage Fender Blackface amp is in Brisbane, Queensland.

1963 Fender Vibroverb Blackface1963 Fender Vibroverb Blackface Top1963 Fender Vibroverb Blackface Back Top1963 Fender Vibroverb Blackface Back