1957 Gibson GA-20

Dual Channel Vintage Amplifier

AUD $3,995

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1957 Gibson GA-20 Amp manufactured 4th week 1957.

2 channel, 16 watts output through the original 12” Jensen Concert Series Speaker. Controls - Voicing, Vol1, Vol2, Depth, Freq.

Size 20” x 16” x 8”, USA power, Original Transformers and Original Tremolo Foot Switch. Has had a capacitor upgrade and an earthed power cord fitted.

This vintage Gibson Amp is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Notes:Controls - Voicing, Vol 1, Vol 2, Depth, Freq.

1957 Gibson GA-201957 Gibson GA-20 Amp Top1957 Gibson GA-20 Top Back1957 Gibson GA-20 Back